Make decisions at the right time

Your KPIs are directly available from your mobile phone.

iPhoneAccess to your Key Performance Indicators

  • securely,
  • when you need it,
  • where you need it.

When running BeeEye application, you can see at the first sight your performance indicators using the dashboards or reports icons.

BeeEye provides visualised and updated information on your business to share with your shareholders.


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BeeEye is the new and advanced mobile phone application for Telecom managers.
It provides you a direct access to your key performance indicators and allows you to make right decisions at the right time and at the right place.


BeeEye Introduction



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Learn how to use your BeeEye application on your iPhone

How do I get the Bee Eye app?

The BeeEye iPhone Application is installed soon through the iPhone App Store. You can access the iPhone App Store through iTunes on your Mac or PC, or on your iPhone directly. Once the application will be available in the iPhone App Store, search for "BeeEye", enter the BeeEye description page, and press Install. BeeEye is free; however, you will be asked for your iTunes login name and password. Don't worry - you won't be charged by Apple.

How I secure access to BeeEye application ?

Open BeeEye application and select configuration page by taping wheel icon and enable security by sliding on or off the secure access and the bottom of the page. You will be ask to enter a security code. Once it's done validate the security access by taping done icon. The next time you will launch BeeEye application you will ask for the code you enter before.

Are my BeeEye files stored locally on my iPhone? Can the information be refreshed?

The first time you run the application, BeeEye download from a database all updated information and stored locally on the device. Because files are updated and stored locally, you can interact with your BeeEye reports without any wireless data connection.
If you don't refresh the information everyday, you are still able to interact with BeeEye reports. The last update is always prompt on the bottom of the home page.

What are the requirements for running BeeEye on my iPhone?

BeeEye version 1.0 requires any Apple iPhone or future Apple mobile device that can run Apple iPhone OS 3.2.1 or later to offer you the best usability and experience.

What mobile phone models are supported by BeeEye ?

BeeEye supports only iPhone.
Blackberry and Android version are still under development and would be available in August 2011.

How I can update the glossary ?

It's not possible to update the glossary for the demo version.
The BeeEye pro version gives you the ability to manage security, user rights, group rights and glossary definition thanks to an adminstration panel. If your are interested to enhance BeeEye for your organization, and getting BeeEye Pro version, please contact us for professional services at +33 675 236 005 or send us an email to

How I connect myself on BeeEye data feed configuration ?

To use and display BeeEye reports, you need to be connected on a distant database.
For the demo purpose, if you lost the Server name and Login/Password: either you uninstall the application and re-install it; or enter the following parameters on the configuration screen:
Login: demo
Password: demo

How do I delete a BeeEye?

You can delete the BeeEye from your iPhone only and you will be able to download it again. The delete icon will be visible. Tap delete. To exit the deletion mode, tap anywhere on the screen other than the delete button.

I don't work for Telecom industry, How I can get this application for my industry (Banking, E-commerce, Health...) ?

The demo version is based on telecom industry facts. It's possible to customize your reports for your own industry and market. Please contact us for professional services at +33 675 236 005 or send us an email to

How do I know what version of BeeEye am I using?

On your iPhone go to information at the bottom right of the home page.

What languages are supported for BeeEye ?

BeeEye for iPhone are in English. French and Spanish would available in August 2011.

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From 14th to 17th February, BeeEye team will attend the exhibition as visitors.
To arrange a meeting with our team for further information, please feel free to contact us at +33-675-236-005 or by email.

BeeEye: the new advanced application for Telecom Managers